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Water Service


Copy of Driver's License and Lease/Deed required for all new services. Commercial customers will need to contact TDS Disposal directly. 

Email completed applications to :

Please direct water service questions or concerns to:


Cindy Glidwell

Deputy Clerk

615.735.1881 ext. 202

Water Application (pdf format)

Bank Draft (voided check required) (pdf format)

Serveline Leak Protection (pdf format)

Leak Adjustment Policy (pdf format)

Water Utility Assistance (pdf format)


Water Deposits



Meter Fee: 50.00 included



Meter Fee: 50.00 included


Bad Debt


For new deposits with previous balances owed. Previous debt must be settled for new service to be active. 

Reconnect Fee


For reconnection of unpaid utility bill. Services disconnected on the 21st  for non-payment.

Returned Check/Bank Draft Fee


Fee due in addition to outstanding amount. Cash only

Water/Sewer Taps (5/8")


 1":        $2,788.00

1 1/2":  $3,075.00

2":         $3,362.00

2 1/2" or larger:   Billed at installation cost. 

We gladly accept credit and debit cards (a $3.50 convenience fee will be added for each transaction).

Please place all after-hours water payments in the drop-box located outside of the James A. Clay Municipal building.

Water bills are mailed on the last business day of each month and are due by the 15th without penalty.

Failure to receive bill does not relieve consumer of payment.

Penalty will be added after 15th and service will be disconnected on the 21st of each month for non-payment.

A $1.00 reprint fee will be applied if you do not present bill at time of payment.

Payments made after 2:00 PM for disconnects will not be reconnected until next business day.

A $50.00 reconnect fee is due before service is restored.

If your water service has been disconnected by City Hall for non-payment, your balance plus a reconnect fee must be paid prior to reconnection. It is unlawful and a violation of Carthage Municipal Codes for the homeowner/renter to turn water on before the bill has been made current. A city worker will reconnect your water service after payment has been made.

2023 Water Quality Report (pdf format)

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